Maggie Butler is a w.a.s.p. from Beacon, New York just trying to make things work. She likes sunscreen and rap music.

Essays included: The Waiting Room, My Mobile Home.


Margaret Dupree--no, not the winner from the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock--is a devoted Yankee fan, citizen of the United States of America, and coffee lover. She has two dogs, two cats, and two brothers (six pets in all). She is usually watching the news or freaking out over The West Wing walk and talk scenes. If she could define her life in one Aaron Sorkin television show quote, it would be “progress is slow but I’m in it for the long haul.” She will be attending Sewanee: The University of the South in the fall where she will hang out with cute southern boys, ride horses, eat fried chicken, and not have to feel attacked for using y’all in conversations.

Essays included: Good Enough, Someone at Smith Mountain Lake Misses You, Sheep May Safely Graze.

Abbey Frank, a former Planet Wings employee, is determined to make something out of her life. She currently struggles with making big decisions but uses her daily horoscope to guide her future. Abbey spends her summer surfing in Queens and reading Kurt Vonnegut and Langston Hughes. She plans on majoring in environmental studies and sustainability at Hobart and William Smith.

Essays included: Panama, The Unfinished Piece.

Justin Friedman, a senior at The Masters School, lives in Westchester County. When he isn’t staring hypnotically at a 3D printer he likes to spend his time hiking and climbing in the backcountry. His claims to fame are accidentally starting an online Nutella store and putting a paper mache dog head on the Wall Street Bull. He will be taking his love of mountainous landscapes to Washington University in St. Louis next fall.

Essays included: Cathedral of Ice.

Michael Jurzynski was born in a small town in Connecticut. He moved to Rockland County when he was a small child and has lived there ever since. He enjoys taking trips to New York City and eating at his favorite Italian restaurant, Becco, in Hell’s Kitchen. His favorite thing to do is work on improving his basketball skills.   In the fall 2015 he will be continuing his basketball career at Dickinson College where he plans to study business.

Essays included: Right Behind Me.

Isabella Levethan is from a quiet town in Westchester, New York where she lives with her parents and twin sister, who is a full three minutes her junior. When she isn't busy writing creative nonfiction or searching for four-leaf clovers, she enjoys spending her days refining her gouache-painting and printmaking skills. Although she never thought she would leave the East Coast, she will be trading New York for Missouri next year to study art at Washington University in St. Louis.

Essays included: The Five Kinds of People You Meet in Art School, Danish Louisiana.

Julianna Marchant is a senior at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York.  She is a ballet dancer by trade, but you can also catch her breaking it down in her school's hip-hop and step team. She will probably graduate high school without her driver's license and sometimes drinks three cups of coffee a day. She's headed to Northwestern University next fall, where she'll hone her Midwestern accent and skip class occasionally to hang out with Ferris Bueller in downtown Chicago.

Essays included: At Ozanam Hall, Roots, Great Aunt Gloria.

Peter Morgan Nadel is an immature poet, bad jazz musician, and professional “player-hater” (metaphorically of course). Born 17 years ago, he has been distracted by life ever since. He can be found staring out windows and using Windows 95, two of his favorite things. He can and will always go for a large Dunkin Donuts © unsweetened iced tea, and is very excited to be on the Before19 project.

Essays: To Weave a Narrative, To Tim O'Brien, or How I Learned to Speak English, On Losing Friends and Other Stories.

Emily O’Rourke is a senior at The Masters School. She resides in Putnam County, New York with her brother and parents, but she does not live on a farm or near a farm. When she is not killing it on the tennis court, she is creating delicious cappuccinos and lattes as a barista at a local cafe. Her prized possession is her “This mom runs on Dunkin" travel mug, which she will be taking with her to Boston College this fall.

Essays included: Bruh, Hit & Run.

Hailey Payea was born in New York City on May 16, 1997 and moved from California  to Connecticut in the third grade. She has a strong love for cats, as well as Buzzfeed quizzes. She likes peppers, really likes Taylor Swift and really, really likes Starbucks. She participates in Model UN, runs the Debate Club, and travels internationally for Irish Dance Competitions.   She will be attending Boston University in the fall.

Essays included: Reality, Mr. & Mrs. President.

Eric Passarelli resides in a Westchester County town known for its thirty different taco places. He is forever haunted by his earlier days as the long-lost member of N-Sync, when he thought bleached tips would be a cool look. In his spare time Eric pays frequent visits to Chipotle, kayaks in the Long Island Sound, watches Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network, and imagines how peaceful the world would be without cargo capris. Eric will be attending George Washington University next year. While in DC, he hopes to get involved with humanitarian work, become homies with Obama, and catch a quick pic with The Honorable Ruth Ginsburg.

Essays included: Olivia and I, Dad's Office, My Palace, Out of Reach.

Colette Rosenberg, commonly referred to as CoCo, resides in Connecticut. Although she is one of many Rosenbergs, she is the best.  You can find her cuddling with her two dogs Wilson and Clyde, playing tennis, or singing Christmas carols in May.

Essays included: Looking for Ryan, Controlling the Uncontrollable: The Salem Witch Trials and Teenagers Today, Backyard, How to Help a Parent with Technological Difficulties.

Carly has lived in Westchester, New York for far too long and can't wait to get away next year to Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The only things holding her back are the Chipotle restaurant down the road from her house and her two adorable Havanese dogs. Outside of school, her time and energy have been dedicated to her faith-- Judaism, in some shape or form. Much of her time is spent volunteering at her synagogue and attending international Jewish youth group conventions. Not only does Judaism dominate her social life, these ideals are integrated in her academic one as well. Carly will enter F&M undecided about her major, but she is leaning towards Animal Behavior: Pre-Veterinarian/Technician Track, with a minor in Religious Studies.

Essays included: The Next Blockbuster Hit.

Rebecca Taylor Via was born in New Rochelle and grew up in Westchester County. A majority of her writing is based off her travels to Kenya and Nicaragua on community service excursions. Most of the time Rebecca is consumed by volleyball and softball, with family and friends sprinkled in between her busy schedule. In her down time she watches movies and Game of Thrones on HBO, goes for walks with her dog, and sleeps. When she leaves The Masters School, she will continue her education at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in the fall, 2015.

Essays included: The Advocate, Hakuna Matata.

Christian Wiemer was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Like any southerner, he loves sweet tea, biscuits, the sound of an acoustic guitar, nature, and a good pair of jeans. Christian also tries to be an upstanding southern gentleman by being kind, respectful, and giving to others. In his free time, he enjoys taking walks, playing video games, enjoying the company of people, and listening to, playing, and writing music.  Christian’s path in life will soon take him to the state of Washington where he will live with his dad, brother, and stepmom and attend the University of Puget Sound. In Washington he hopes to pursue and excel in culinary arts, the craft of game design, acting, and music.  He also hopes to bolster his connection with nature, people, and life itself.

Essays included: Claymore, Culinary Triforce.