Maya Rose Bater was born on July 18, 1998, the hottest day of the year. Easily confused, but affectionate, she often gets lost in New York City with her mid-western beau. She loves French Impressionists, aquariums, and laughter. Recently accepted to Oberlin College, Maya plans to pack her bags and move to the cornfields. Her main interests are linguistics, cognitive science, and classical piano. In her spare time, Maya enjoys reading and cuddling with her dogs, Bitey and Blindy. One bites and one's blind.





Maia Chua was adopted from China by Chinese parents and has lived in Dobbs Ferry, New York for most of her life. Although her name is pronounced as “Maya,” most people have called her “Mia” at some point in her life, even her relatives. Her interests include playing the violin, singing, napping, eating, watching Netflix and anything related to dogs and cats. Having played the violin since age four, she plans to continue music at Boston University as a hobby and pursue psychology as her major.





Dylan Chan prefers to write in the early morning hours and has trouble finishing what he starts. He likes mass-transit, corner stores, and small urban parks. Recently, he has acquired a taste for espresso, evidence that his transition into adult life is underway.



Rajan Cutting, from Brooklyn, lives in a house with his family of five. He never had any pets other than a few fish but he sometimes wishes he had a dog. But he’s allergic to dogs.

Karl Hirt has been at The Masters School since sophomore year. His hobbies include learning survival skills, spending as much time as he can outdoors, playing multiple sports, and reading. If you ask him where he’d most like to be, his most likely response is, ”on top of a mountain in Germany,” or he might relay to you his desire to have a large plot of land in Montana. He will be attending Colorado College next year.




Gavin Koepke is a filmmaker and a runner. He has one older sister and hails from the woods, so if you're ever looking for him, just look up the nearest tree.

Zoe Kreutzer is a small town girl with big city dreams. She likes sunsets, free T-shirts, and brushing her teeth, but dislikes learning about grammar. Her favorite accessory is a good pair of socks. She will be attending Wake Forest University in the fall 2016 where she will enjoy wearing sundresses in the warm weather, but will probably go to bed at or before 10 PM most nights. She hopes to be on the cover of Time magazine in 2030, but the chances are slim.

Emma Masterson is a Manhattan born-and-bred high school senior trying to survive her newfound life in the suburbs. She’s known for being late to school and talking about the upcoming presidential election. In her free time she likes drawing, taking pictures, and watching Law & Order and The Simpsons with her cat, Lilly. She’ll be attending the University of Southern California this fall, where she hopes to double major in visual arts and American Studies. A true New Yorker, she’s never driven a car but plans to somehow learn before moving to LA.

Cian McGillicuddy grew up in Northern Westchester before moving to New York City. He has diverse interests, from sports to music, but often feels extraordinarily mediocre because the universe is large. He thinks he thinks too much. He likes good food, dancing, fishing, hunting, adventures, and looking at grass. He will be attending Colorado College in the fall.

Jonny Mills is finishing up his senior year at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Jonny enjoys playing soccer, going on road trips, and listening to music ranging from Kendrick Lamar to The Killers. In the fall he will be attending Marist College.

Winona Murphy, a music enthusiast, is currently residing in Westchester, New York. She has an older sister, older twin brothers and a younger half-brother. She spends her time playing violin--when she can find a practice room--and singing everywhere she walks. She even jams out during class if the Beatles start playing. She enjoys grooving with the Dobbs 16 a cappella group, her singing family. On any given day, she finds herself roaming the Masters library, looking at books she could check out because of her gnawing curiosity. Next year she plans to continue writing creative nonfiction in college, playing violin and singing,

Jackson Myers-Brown has lived in New York his whole life, except for very brief periods when he lived in Leadville, Colorado and the Southern Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. His favorite things include drinking vanilla milkshakes, carrying a book around everywhere in case there's time to read it, exploring the backcountry, and listening to loud music with friends, preferably in an outdoor setting.

Aslı Noyan, whose name is commonly mispronounced, was born in Adana, Turkey. Her hobbies include taking photographs, swimming, and raiding her family members’ closets. She likes Seinfeld, potatoes, dogs, and old photographs. She has spent approximately 260 hours on a plane since her arrival in New York in September of 2012.

Kate Scheuermann is a senior at The Masters School and will be attending Fairfield University’s Dolan Business School in the fall to be a marketing major. She hopes to one day combine her marketing skills with her love of fashion.

Mimi Silverstein is a lover of fantasy novels, bodies of water, drawing and painting, tree climbing, and mint chip ice cream. Additionally, she is a mediocre aerialist and has memorized every song sung by a Disney princess. In the fall she will be traveling to the cornfields of Ohio to attend Oberlin College.

Alex Zukerman was raised in a small Bronx neighborhood where he acquired most of his street smarts. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, hiking, and most outdoor activities. Alex is a Virgo, which has no bearing on his personality or demeanor.