1At least for me, god only knows what it all meant to them
2Written by Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson, and published in 1936. It was later developed into a short animated film produced by the Disney Corporation in 1938.
4The Reader should keep in mind that this is just one of many faces and colors of Hailey, and in fact is not a completely disagreeable personage. 5The word lacks any formal definition in either the O.E.D. or Webster’s Eleventh, although I am told it stands for something.
6We also called her Margery, but this nickname will not be explained in the narrative, as it serves little purpose and, I think she would hurt me.
7I have never liked this term.
8Or unfortunate.
9She never lets me finish my sentences.
10A usual state for Nick.
11Standing for Day Student Lounge. This name and its history is too convoluted for this narrative, although a full description of any institution in that school has yet to be written. 12Dieck, 2014.
13Reader, the coming passages may become grotesque, or altogether unreadable due to this grotesqueness, but I pray you do read these as they will elucidate the position that I was in at the time, and contribute to my actions afterwards.
14It should be remembered that I only pray in situations of great pain, which is to say when in circumstances of extreme and unjust pressure. It was evident to me, though, that prayer was warranted in these times of sickness, as I seemed to deserve none of it, only having done my duty as a human, metabolize. 15To say “fancied” is to not call a rose a rose, which is what I seek to do. I adore her, in every capacity, but cannot, through lack of moral or physical auspices act on any feeling whatsoever. 1609/27/14
17See [15]
18And I said this next part without any irony.
19A common yell of passive aggressive anger in my life
20I don’t thing I have ever spoken so little, and felt so bad about it.